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Rika loves Chaz
Quite old Phantasy Star 4 fanart. There is a bigger version but I don't think I have it anymore because I sized it down at some point and didn't keep the original. I think? If it exists it's probably on a flash drive. But I do still have the original drawing.
I still like this. It's chibi so it's easier to draw and you get a bit more leeway in terms of skill. The hair could have been better. And Chaz's eyes should be green. But even the game screws this up. So it's no wonder that I did as well. There's a page about this on my website if you'd like to know more.

There isn't a lot of oldschool Phantasy Star fanart around. So it's always nice to add a little more to the woefully undersized pile.;) (Wink) 

Pencil, colored pencil, pen outlines. But that's obvious isn't it?
Blue Neko
Ah, the neko phase again. So fun to revisit.Wink/Razz 

It's from Kero Kero Oekaki. So it's quite old.

She's blue, she's a cat girl, she's wearing a bell. I like the way I colored the body But I went a little far with the shinies and maybe didn't make sure they added up right. I did recently make edits to the torso. So it does look better than the original version. The ears are more like puppy ears aren't they? I only realised that now. I'm so observant.I think I've fainted. 
Meteor Shower
Ancient oekaki powers activate! Form of death from above!

When I drew this long ago I thought it looked peaceful and colorful. But now that I think about it... OMG it's the apocalypse! This scene is far from serene. It's horrible and we're all gonna die!Waaaah! 

Anywaiz, I went through a space phase where I drew moons and stuff like this. Maybe it's better than the cat ears on everybody phase. Well minus the death meteors.I'm on fire! 
Tiger eared girl
I like the ears. Like with Blaise, I should have kept up with drawing like this. She had a bit more neck but it didn't scan. She looks worried.
A dark elf I drew in 2006. His ears scanned darker than they are. It's not bad. A little too much hair maybe? I should have kept up with drawing like this.


United States
I'm not an artist nor do I pretend to be. I just draw for fun. I can write too. For fun. I just don't have the motivation to get serious. I don't have any decent tools for drawing digitally either. I'm super out of practice drawing with a mouse. Plus I'm left handed. I should have never stopped. But I did. I'd like to get a tablet for drawing. But for now I have to stick with what I have. Like PC and 3DS.

I made this account a very long time ago. I stopped bothering with it off and on. That will probably happen again. I'd write something else but I can't think of anything...

Oh yeah... My browser isn't supported because I still have Vista. Nothing I can do about that. But so far no real issues.
I'm sick. It got chilly even though April was pretty hot. I don't do well with sudden changes in weather. x.x
Last month I was very ill with a respiratory infection. I relapsed several times. I don't want it to come back. But I'm pretty sure this is just a cold. No coughing.

I need to go shopping but I'm gonna have to survive on canned soup and bananas because I can't get to a grocery store today. I seriously doubt it's gonna happen.

Anywaiz, since I'm just sitting here unable to do physically demanding stuff, I'm looking through my archive of fanfics and art to see what I feel like uploading. Some of it is already up on my site and tumblr. But I'm the type of person who likes to archive to multiple sources. It's very handy in case you accidentally lose stuff or a source you are using goes down temporarily or forever. So I'll see what I can put up here that I like.

I don't intend to put up any poorly drawn doodles here. I'll make an exception for childhood art (goes in scraps) and maybe a few other things. I'm not a great artist. So I'm well aware of my own skill level. Stuff that's older will be noted as such. Stuff that was drawn with "new to me" tools will also be noted as such. Even if they are tools I've been using for awhile, like Flipnote Studio 3D, I'll try to note my experience at the time they were drawn. If possible I'd like to get back into drawing and I'm curious to see the line of improvement.

I used to draw at Kero Kero Oekaki. That place is long gone. But I still have stuff from that place saved on my PC and I see how I was getting better before I slacked off. I was good at making effects with the tools. So I'm not making any promises. But I'll see what happens art-wise.

As for fanfiction, I have never uploaded that here until today. Back when I joined I don't think DA accepted fanfiction. If they did I don't remember. And up until a couple years ago I never really noticed fanfiction here. Although it's been here for awhile. So I'll upload some more in the future. Although I've been pretty slow with fanfiction as of late. I've focused more on my experiments with Phantasy Star 4 warp codes.
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